All You Need is a Key

quick stop bike/e-bike lock up close


  • Unlock: handlebars are disengaged from the front wheel and move independently. Tamper sensor is activated.
  • Unlock: handlebars fold flat for easy bike/e-bike storage or transport. Tamper sensor turns off after 30 minutes.
  • Lock: handlebars are securely locked to the steering tube and move with the front wheel. Tamper sensor is off.
  • Tampering with the lock (or bike/e-bike): leaves the handlebars disengaged; tamper alarm transmitted in under 2 seconds.
  • Walking out of range: out of range sensor triggers a phone alarm.
  • For even higher security lock your bike/e-bike with your current lock AND Quick Stop


  • Mechanical
    • 6061 CNC machined aluminum and brass construction
    • Keyed lock with 2 matching keys
    • Water resistant shuttered lock tumbler
    • Less than 400g
    • Fits all 1 1/8" threadless steering tubes
    • Installs in under 5 minutes
  • Tamper Sensor
    • Detects tampering and out of range
    • Works up to 300 ft
    • Tampering detection in under 2 seconds
    • Lifetime battery
    • Runs on Android and iPhone


  • Unscrew and lift off the handlebars
  • Place Quick Stop on the steering tube
  • Screw in the star nut bolt and tighten
  • Tighten Quick Stop clamp
  • Place the handlebars back on the steering tube and tighten
  • Remove the star nut bolt
  • Total elapsed time: 2 to 15 minutes

how it works

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